Arts Stream

There are 26 broad streams. Most of the departments offer a Masters Course and a Doctoral Course on these streams. Some departments also offer various diploma courses

A few department also offer some undergraduate courses and certificate courses.



  1. MA in Arabic (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 60 Seats

  2. PhD in Arabic (5-Year)


  1. MA in Assamese (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 88 Seats

  2. PhD in Assamese


  1. MA in Bengali (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 45 Seats

  2. PhD in Bengali


  1. MA in Bodo (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 44 Seats

  2. PhD in Bodo

Communication & Journalism

  1. MA in Mass Communication (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 36 Seats

  2. PhD in Mass Communication

Creative Writing & Translation

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing and Translation(in GUINEIS)

Disabilities Studies

Postgraduate Courses

  1. PGDDS (Post Graduate Diploma in Disabilities Studies, 6-Month)

  2. PGCCDS (Post Graduate Certificate Course in Disabilities Studies, 6-Month)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. FCSTVI (Foundation Course in Science Teaching for Visually Impaired, 3-Month)

  2. CCCLDA (Certificate Course in Computer Literacy for Differently Abled, 3-Month)


  1. MA in English (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 66 Seats

  2. PhD in English


  1. MA in Economics (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 105 Seats

  2. PhD in Economics


  1. MA in Education (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 104 Seats

  2. MEd in Education (1-Year)

  3. PhD in Education

English Language Teaching

  1. MA in English and English Language Teaching (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 35 Seats

  2. PhD in English Language Teaching

Folklore Research

  1. PhD in Folklore Research

Foreign Languages

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Certificate and Diploma in French and Russian (4-Semeseter, 2-Year)

  2. MA in European Studies (4-Semester, 2-Year)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Intensive Course in French and Russian (3-Month)


  1. PhD in Hindi (5-Year) - 50 Seats


  1. MA in History (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 60 Seats

  2. PhD in History

Library & Information Science

  1. MLISc in Library and Information Science (4-Semester, 2-Year)- 30 Seats

  2. PhD in Library and Information Science


  1. MA in Linguistics (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 10 Seats

  2. PhD in Linguistics

MIL & Literary Studies

  1. MA in Comparative Indian Literature (4-Semester, 2-Year)

  2. PG Diploma in Assamese, Oriya, & Tamil (1-Year)

  3. PhD in MIL


  1. MA in Persian (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 10 Seats

  2. Certificate Course in Persian (1 and a Half-Year)

  3. Diploma in Persian (1 and a Half-Year)

  4. PhD in Persian


  1. MA in Philosophy (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 72 Seats

  2. PhD in Philosophy

Political Science

  1. MA in Political Science (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 60 Seats

  2. PhD in Political Science


  1. MA in Psychology (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 28 Seats

  2. PhD in Psychology


  1. MA in Sanskrit (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 70 Seats

  2. PhD in Sanskrit


  1. MA in Sociology (4-Semester, 2-Year) - 45 Seats

  2. PhD in Sociology


  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Turkish Language (2-Semester, 1-Year)

Women's Studies

Postgraduate Courses

  1. MA in Women's Studies (4-Semester, 2-Year)

  2. MPhil in Women's Studies (1-Year)

  3. PhD in Women's Studies

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Certificate Course in Gender Studies (3-Month)